How Exterior Residential Painting Makes Your Home More Appealing

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To increase the value of your home and give it the refresh it needs, you can hire us for exterior residential painting. We provide several services for your exterior residential painting needs. These services include deck painting, fence painting, garage door painting, patio painting, and shed painting.

How Exterior Residential Painting Makes Your Home More Appealing

  • Deck Painting: Our deck painting process includes thoroughly cleaning your deck so a fresh coat of paint can be evenly applied and last for years to come. This cleaning process can be done through pressure washing or sanding. For the painting process itself, we use high-quality materials and a paint type that bonds well with your deck materials and will stand up to the weather.
  • Fence Painting: We can determine what type of paint will apply best to the material your fence is made of, whether that be wood, vinyl, or something else. Application of paint to a surface that is not meant to be painted may result in paint peeling. Allow us to paint your fence for a job that will stand the test of time!
  • Garage Door Painting: Garage door painting is meant to protect your garage door from the elements and keep it in working order for a long period of time. Our exterior residential painting team will take proper measures to safely paint your garage door to preserve your investment.
  • Patio Painting: Patio painting helps to protect your patio from the elements and keeps it in good condition. We will work with you to select the proper paint type and color. In our application process, we will thoroughly clean the patio to ensure the paint is evenly applied and will last for as long as possible.
  • Shed Painting: Shed painting is a great idea to help your shed match the aesthetic of your home. Painting the shed makes it more visually appealing and helps to protect it from the elements. Our team of professionals can complete the job to your standards.

Protecting your investment in your home is crucial, and exterior residential painting is a big part of that. We are more than happy to provide for all your exterior residential painting needs. Give us a call today!